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Bramshaw Parish Council

About Us

Bramshaw is a collection of hamlets comprising Brook, Bramshaw, Canterton, Dazel, Fritham, Furzley and Penn. It lies entirely within the New Forest National Park and includes large tracts of land owned by the National Trust and Crown Land administered by the Forestry Commission. Located some 10 miles west of Southampton, just south of the A36, Bramshaw is easily accessible from Junctions 1 and 2 of the M27.

Bramshaw Traffic Calming Initiative

Parishioners have expressed concern over the level of animal casualties and the speed of traffic through Bramshaw.

A study of traffic calming options has been performed by experts from the Hampshire County Council Highways Department, and the results are available for you to review.

The full report is available here and a small number of paper copies will be available in the village shop from the 18th August.

A full consultation process has been underway for some months with presentations and discussions at previous council meetings. with the final report due for completion on the 18th August two consultation meetings have been scheduled and supporting documents will be made available online and in paper format.

Further information is available on the Hampshire County Council Website.


The closing date for the consultation is Tuesday 3rd October 2017, please ensure that your feedback is returned by then.

How can I express my views?

You are encouraged to make your views known by

  • Completing a feedback form which will be available at the consultation meetings and at the village shop.
  • Write to : Hampshire County Council, Elizabeth II Court West, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UD
  • Phone on: 0300 555 1388
  • E-mail at: implementation@hants.gov.uk

Consultation Meetings at the Village Hall 22nd (Community Room) and 26th August (Main Hall)

Now completed.


Hampshire Country Council has commissioned Test Valley Borough Council to carry out an option appraisal for possible traffic calming measures on the B3079 through Bramshaw with a view to addressing road safety concerns in the village.

The agreed geographical scope of the scheme covers the following two stretches of the B3079:

  • From the junction of the B3078 and B3079 to Burnford Bridge (southern section)
  • From the Village Hall to St Peters Church/The Old Vicarage (northern section)

As agreed with Bramshaw Parish Council, the main objectives of the traffic calming scheme are to:

  • reduce the animal casualty rate in the village
  • reduce the number of vehicles using this route as a ‘rat run’ to bypass more obvious major routes
  • create a safe environment for appropriate use of a rural road by diverse parties including pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders

Whilst at the same time:

  • minimising the impact of vehicle-generated noise on local residents
  • preserving safe access to properties
  • preserving the rural visual aspect of the local environment
  • preserving safe access by all vehicle types, including emergency vehicles, farmequipment, livestock trailers, motorhomes and towed caravans

About Bramshaw

Bramshaw (the name means Bramble Woods) was originally partly in both Wiltshire and Hampshire but it actually became fully part of Hampshire due to a parliamentary act in 1894. 

Bramshaw Parish has a number of other small villages within it boundaries which include Brook, Furzley, Canterton; close to the Rufus Stone and said to be the haunted by a ghostly procession following the route of Rufus body to the stone, and Fritham; which was once the home of the Schulze's gunpowder factory. The factory used local forest charcoal as part of the gunpowder making process.

The Schulze's gunpowder factory was responsible for the legacy of the lake that can be found here.

The forest in the Bramshaw woods area is truly ancient with archaeological remains dating back to the Bronze Age being found at some of the forests barrows on Stagbury Hill, one of the parks scheduled ancient monuments.

The highest point in the forest can also be found just west of Bramshaw which is called Pipers Wait at a height of 410 ft. The Bramshaw area is also renowned for the quality of walks and cycle routes and is very favoured by many walking and cycling groups. 

Bramshaw is ideally situated as a central base for those visiting the area with Lyndhurst close by and Bournemouth, as well as the ancient capital of Winchester around a thirty minute drive on a good day. And for the golfers out there it also has the oldest golf club in the county with a heritage dating back to the 1880's.