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Bramshaw Parish Council

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Bramshaw Parish Council Information from the PC.


Hampshire County Council has around 3500 roadside salt bins located across the highway network and we have been checking and replenishing these in recent weeks.

The bins are filled with a 50:50 mix of salt and grit and this can be freely used by members of the community for de-icing pavements and smaller access roads, and particularly those areas of public highway that are not covered by one of our main salting routes. Please be aware that it only takes a tablespoon of salt/grit (roughly around 20 grams) to treat one square metre of road or pavement so a full bin can treat a substantial area.

If your local salt bin is less than ¾ full and needs refilling through the winter season the quickest way to let us know is via the specific link on our web page at  www.hants.gov.uk/transport/roadmaintenance/severeweather/salting.


A guide to the Clubs and Societies in Bramshaw.

Glass recycling text message reminders

Residents of the New Forest can now sign up to a new text messaging service being introduced by the district council which will send a reminder the evening before monthly glass recycling collections are due. 

Nicola Plummer, who is coordinating the project at New Forest District Council, said: "The free Remind Me service is being introduced as we know that people want to recycle their glass, but life gets busy and a timely reminder the night before could make all the difference between remembering to put your glass bottles and jars out for collection and forgetting." 

As well as the text message prompt, Remind Me will reward residents for recycling their glass by entering them into a reward draw. 20 households will be randomly selected each month and, if they are recycling the right things, they can choose from a range of rewards, such as one month’s free membership at one of five New Forest Health and Leisure Centres, a family ticket to Beaulieu or a hamper full of local goodies from The New Forest Hamper Company.

The first 15,000 households to sign up will also receive a free Brand New Forest discount card, usually £5.

The new scheme is being funded by a grant from central government that aims to encourage recycling.

To register for the reminders, residents should text GLASS followed by first name, last name, first line of address and postcode to 81025 (e.g. GLASS Joan Smith 1 Long Lane SO12 A34)

Find out more about Remind Me at newforest.gov.uk/remindme


Winter weather collections

On very rare occasions, we may be unable to reach properties during bad winter weather. Any changes to collections will be published as soon as possible on the homepage and on facebook.com/newforestrecycling





Thefts From Motor Vehicles

This information has been sent on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary

We are reminding visitors to the New Forest not to leave anything of value in their vehicles.

Officers regularly patrol New Forest car parks during the summer, but you should take you valuables with you when you enjoy your walk.

Help keep your vehicle safe by following a few simple tips:

- Never leave valuable possessions such as handbags, laptops, phones or sat navs on show inside your car. Even items of little value, such as shopping bags, loose change and clothing, may tempt a thief.

- Don’t hide your valuables in the boot. Someone may be watching.

- Always lock your car, wind up the windows and close the sunroof, even if you’re only leaving it for a few minutes.

- Double check it’s locked. It only takes a few seconds for your valuables to be stolen from an unlocked car.

For more crime prevention advice, go to: https://www.hampshire.police.uk/advice/protecting-your-home-and-belongings/vehicle-crime/



























Welcome to our Parish and the New Forest!
There is a wealth of information available about the unique characteristics of the New Forest and the responsibilities of those of us lucky enough to live here – to the extent that it can sometimes be confusing and hard to absorb. This is just a quick guide to help new-comers to our Parish get started on the right foot.

It is all about the animals!

The first essential is to recognise that the beautiful environment that we live in is a consequence of the wildlife and livestock which live around us. Without them the forest would quickly revert to an overgrown wilderness. We all have a responsibility for the welfare of the animals within the forest, and observing the guidance below will help keep them safe and healthy (and you, your family and friends too!).

a) Make sure the boundaries of your property are stock-proof. It will be inconvenient to you if animals enter your property and eat your plants, but actually the consequences could be more severe, since you may be held responsible if they eat anything poisonous or come to any other harm!

b) As well as ensuring that fences and hedges are well-maintained and properly configured to keep animals out, please make sure that any cattle-grids are kept clear of leaves and other debris which could reduce their effectiveness

c) Hedges should be planted with stock friendly native species such as hawthorn, blackthorn or holly. Especially avoid plants which can be poisonous such as yew or laburnum

d) Before you trim your hedges, give a thought to birds which may be nesting in them, and to their dependence upon fruit and berries growing in the hedgerows – leave them alone between March and August

e) When you do cut hedges (or grass, or any other foliage for that matter), collect the trimmings and dispose of them within your property or at a council disposal site – never on the forest where animals might eat them

f) Keep your refuse inside your gate (even on collection day) to prevent animals ripping bags and eating inappropriate food.

Animal encounters:
a) Firstly remember that all the ponies, donkeys, cattle, pigs and sheep are someone else’s property. They all belong to Commoners and their ownership rights should be respected.

b) Don’t be tempted to feed them, or attempt to ‘befriend’ them. They don’t need it, they aren’t pets, and they may be (or become) temperamental. They are better left to enjoy their habitat in a natural manner.

c) In particular, give all animals with young offspring a wide berth as they become naturally very protective and in some cases this can manifest as aggression. Take close control of children in such circumstances – they are naturally curious about the ‘babies’ without appreciation for the potential dangers

d) Dogs must be kept under control and must not be allowed to chase or harass either domestic or wild animals.  If in doubt about your dog’s steadiness then it should be on a lead – for more information see New Forest National Park’s website  here

e) Animals have the right of way on the roads and tracks (even when they choose to lie down and sleep…)



NOTIFICATION OF Road Closures A31 Hampshire and Dorset - Road Marking Renewal -

A31 Hampshire & Dorset – Road Marking Renewal
Kier Highways, on behalf of Highways England, are renewing the road markings along the A31 east and westbound carriageways to ensure road user’s safety.
 It is not expected that these works will generate excessive noise, however we would like to apologise in advance for any disturbance caused during the works.
 In order to carry out the work as efficiently and safely as possible, we’ll need to fully close the following sections of the A31 overnight (between 10pm and 6am):
 Dates Closure
Monday 17 July for 3 nights* East and Westbound – Merley Roundabout to Sturminster Marshall (A350 Roundhouse Roundabout)
Monday 24 July for 5 nights*Closure of the central area at the Canford Bottom junction
Wednesday 2 August for 3 nights* Westbound – M27 junction 2 to the A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout
Monday 7 August for 3 nights* Eastbound – A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout to the M27 junction 2
Friday 11 and Monday 14 August* Eastbound – Palmersford Roundabout to the A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout
Wednesday 16 and Friday 18 August* Westbound – A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout to the Palmersford Roundabout
 Confirmed dates for the closures will be displayed in advance on signs along the A31.
 *Please be aware that these works have been carefully programmed but are subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances
Traffic Management
This project is registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, a voluntary initiative designed to improve the image of construction.  By registering this project, we have committed to adhere to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice which asks that we care about our appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value our workforce.  To find out more about the Scheme, please visit www.ccscheme.org.uk  
Highways England Ltd  Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LZ Tel: 0300 123 5000    Email: info@highwaysengland.co.uk www.highways.gov.uk
Registered in England No. 05606089 Registered Company Name: Kier Highways Limited Registered Office: Tempsford Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 2BD United Kingdom
During the closures the following clearly signed diversions will be in place:
Closure Diversion Merley Roundabout to Sturminster Marshall South on the A341 and A349 Gravel Hill towards Poole, then along the A350 and north along Poole Road  M27 junction 2 to the A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout South on the A326, then west along the A35 via Lyndhurst to Christchurch, then north on the A338 A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout to the M27 junction 2 South on the A338 towards Bournemouth, east along the A35 from Christchurch to Totton, then north on the A326
Palmersford Roundabout to the A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout
West along the A347 Ringwood Road, south along New Road, east along the B3073 past Bournemouth Airport, then north along the A338
A338 Ashley Heath Roundabout to the Palmersford Roundabout
South down the A338 to Hurn, west along the B3073 past Bournemouth Airport, north along New Road, then east on A427 Ringwood Road
If you have any questions or if you’d like you know about the work please contact Highways England’s customer control centre:
 Phone: 0300 123 5000  Post: Highways England, Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, GU1 4LZ  Email: info@highwaysengland.co.uk
Yours faithfully
Kathryn Blofield Communications Coordinator